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Image by Leo Reynolds Created with www.dumpr.net - fun with your photos

Family Matters Publicity Photo celebrity pics
Image by Shavar Ross Circa 1993. Here's a Warner Bros. publicity photo of a show I was on called "Family Matters" for ABC. I was only supposed to be on the show once as a guest star but the producers liked the character I created so much they offered me a 13 out of 22 show contract. I think I made like 15 shows but was written out of the show a year or so later because my character "Weasel" was getting too much "attention" (if you know what I mean). It was a fun character to play though. Weasel was the wise crackin', gum chewin' troublemaker. Family Matters was actually a spin-off of the show "Perfect Strangers" and the show's star (my friend) Jaleel White portrayed the nerdy character Steve Urkel. See Family Matters TV Clip

Robert Pattinson sent me back an autograph! 2008 (PLEASE READ THE DECRIPTION) celebrity pics
Image by punxie89 *UPDATE* I GET A LOT OF COMMENTS ASKING ME FOR THE MAILING ADDRESS, AND HOW TO GET AUTOGRAPHS. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS HAPPENED IN 2008, AND BEFORE ANY OF THE TWILIGHT FILMS WERE OUT. HE WASN'T FAMOUS THEN. NOW HE IS A HUGE CELEBRITY. I have no idea if he still does stuff like this. I don't even know if he's with the same agency, agent, etc. And I don't know how to find out, now that he's so huge. I can imagine it would be very hard. *OLD DESCRIPTION FROM 2008 BELOW* - I mailed this photo with a letter in July 2008. At the end of my letter, I asked him if he could sign the photo and send it back if he ever had the time, and he did! I didn't expect him to actually reply. I got it back 2 and a half weeks later. - For those of you wondering, Robert personally reads bunches of his own fan mail. He said so in an interview with the L.A. Times back in November 2008. If you want to read the interview, Google it. - Someone saw my post on MySpace and told me that they talked to a girl who gets his fan mail at the US agency, and she told him that they send batches of stuff to Rob's mother in the UK. Dunno if that's true, but it makes some sense...So it's best to send your letters/photos to the UK address, even though there is also a USA one. I originally sent this to the USA one, and it came back to me from the UK. So the second time I sent a letter/photo, I sent it straight to the UK agency. FAN MAIL ADDRESS: Robert Pattinson Curtis Brown Group Ltd. Haymarket House 5th Floor 28-29 Haymarket London SW1Y 4SP U.K. - I received a 2nd autograph from Robert in the mail in March 2009. I had decided in December 2008 to try to get his autograph again, this time as an awesome surprise for my best friend. I wrote him another letter (don't remember what I said in that one) and asked at the end if he could sign it for her. It took a few months to get back to me since he's been very busy since "Twilight" came out last month, but it happened! I had no expectations, never thought I'd get another one back. So we were both shocked. She's quite happy with it lol. I made sure to have her favourite photo of him printed out for it.

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